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Movie cowboy Tom Ford, star of Mammouth Film Productions, goes on vacation before Wilson, studio publicity man, can notify him that he is to make a personal appearance at the 1936 Texas Centennial celebration in Dallas. Unable to locate Ford,the desperate Wilson substitutes Fords exact-double and stunt man,Gene Autry. Gene goes along only to help Wilson out but wants to reveal his true identity throughout the hoax. Enroute to Dallas, Gene's car and trailer collide with the cattle truck of Marion Hill, turning lose a herd of steers she is hauling for show purposes. Gene unloads his horse Champion and rounds up the cattle. Gene, still posing as Ford and singing over the radio (although Ford is not a singer) is a sensation. Ford hears a broadcast and is peeved and threatens to sue the studio. Meanwhile, a group of blackmailers (in snappy-brim hats and double-breasted suits) demand $25,000 from the studio to keep quiet about hoax. Things work out okay after six or seven songs.
At the Texas Centennial in Dallas Autry confuses two girls by being himself and his own stunt double.
This was almost a guilty pleasure to like. Gene Autry plays.. Gene Autry, a stunt double for the famous cowboy Tom Ford in his movies. When Ford skips town to go fishing, his agent is in a pickle as Ford is scheduled to work the Texas National Exposition1 The agent gets a brilliant idea to send Autry instead, since they are EXACTLY alike. Well almost.. You see when Autry arrives in Dallas for the fair, he is caught singing and is put on the fair's radio for all to hear! This radio station is broadcast everywhere! Everyone hears it! The Hollywood studio where Ford works is amazed and wants to book singing cowboy pictures! Problem is.. Other people hear it too.. Like underworld types Ford owes money to and, well, Ford himself! Again, I have no idea why I found this as enjoyable as it was. Probably the main thing was the originality's of the darn thing. I mean, we find out how cowboy films are made! I wonder if Gene Autry, who is playing a stunt man, had a stunt man for his stunt scenes? (He risked life and death though, playing certain "danger" scenes in front of a laughably fake screen). I also loved the fact that they shot ½ the movie at the actual fair itself. I guess they had a wild west show there. LOVE the song he sings at the show when he sings about shooting his injured horse, Champion. I mean, THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT!
Let&#39;s get the plot out of the way first. Gene plays a double role as a bad tempered cowboy star, Tom Ford (who has large gambling debts and a blonde fiancée) and his stunt double. Gene winds up impersonating Ford at the Texas Centennial of 1936, as a cowboy and a singer, even though Ford can&#39;t sing. We expect some identity mixups and we get them. The fiancée and the gamblers appear to cause trouble and a final chase scene, but the film mostly centers around the Centennial. <br/><br/>It&#39;s an unusual Western because it was filmed during the Centennial celebration at Fair Park, where we see many shots showing the abundance of deco buildings and statues. They&#39;re all still there, as it is now called the Texas State Fairgrounds. What a setting for a picture! We see a cast of thousands! The parades, the stadium crowds, and the outdoor staged &#39;panoramas&#39; that were a common part of expositions and World Fairs from before to after the turn of the century, even up to the late forties. We see the Western cavalcade, the Texas Six Flags, and Gene&#39;s singing farewell to his &#39;wounded&#39; horse Champion. <br/><br/>It&#39;s definitely a musical Western, because the story elements fly by, especially in the 54 minute edited version found in most remainder bins (such as Platinum&#39;s &#39;The Great American Western Volume 5&#39; DVD, which is the version I have.) The performance of &#39;The Lady Known as Lulu&#39; by the black &#39;Jones Boys&#39; is missing from the 54 minute versions. The official, restored 71 minute version has 10 songs, but only two are halfway decent (both ballads, &#39;Mad About You&#39; and Jimmie Davis&#39;s &#39;Nobody&#39;s Darlin&#39; But You&#39;).<br/><br/>Other highlights: Kay Hughes is the female lead. Gene apparently likes wholesome looking girls, since she was also in &#39;Ride, Ranger, Ride&#39; (1936). She plays Gwen in the first Dick Tracy serial (1937), and the spunky Molly Selkirk in &#39;Radio Patrol&#39; (1937). Contrary to what most people say, here&#39;s a film where Gene actually does kiss the girl at the end of the movie, but with the vocal track still going, he&#39;s singing while he does it! <br/><br/>Another lowlight: Gene is clearly not a stunt man. In the scenes where he&#39;s supposedly stunting for Ford, he can be seen several times carefully, warily, and worriedly looking for his safety hand holds. And of course, he&#39;s all too obviously doubled for in the fight sequence in the hotel with the evil gambler Collins (Rex King).<br/><br/>William Newell seems to get as much screen time as Gene; his other big role is as Mala&#39;s helper Hank in &#39;Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island&#39; (1936), but after that he went on to a distinguished career as an uncredited bystander in hundreds of movies and TV shows.<br/><br/>We get our standard sidekicks Smiley Burnette and Max Terhune (this time doing his ventriloquist act), the Beverly Hillbilles as Gene&#39;s backup group, fresh from &#39;The Phantom Empire&#39; (1935), and the Sons of the Pioneers with the twinkling smile of Roy Rogers (Leonard Slye), a rhythm guitarist in the back row.<br/><br/>Full of historical interest, it&#39;s an enjoyable diversion despite the weak music, but as a film it&#39;s just a four.

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